UR Business Network Launches Global Marketing Platform

social_icons_webUR Business Network is excited to announce it has developed a proprietary digital marketing platform called URBN trendMEDIA. The company formed in 2012 as an internet radio business network has produced over 4000 podcasts & blogs.

After interviewing thousands of entrepreneurs, business executives & industry experts a need was identified that organizations require an efficient & productive way to market on line, URBN trendMEDIA. It is the only true hybrid digital platform that is time and cost efficient, simple to use and delivers an end-to-end digital marketing solution.

This unique multi-layered process communicates with other platforms to distribute content (podcasts, video, blogs, transcripts, text, mobile, images) and automatically formats the content to be shared simultaneously on all the major social media, search and content platforms seamlessly as online organic trends evolve. The platform shares messages and brands into trending stories in multiple formats and distributes it on searchable platforms to enhance branding and attract higher quality leads within the active market. It allows users to BE SEEN, BE HEARD and BE FOUND ONLINE.

URBN trendMEDIA takes away the complexity of online marketing by simplifying the user interface to the most basic form of communication, “speaking”. Simply tell your story in an interview format and this powerful platform automatically does the rest.

It captures and converts the interview into multiple digital formats including video, audio, images & text accessible from all devices. It automatically archives, posts and curates the content in multiple platforms and interacts through social networks to drive the right information to targeted audiences and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.

By utilizing the URBN trendMedia organizations will no more have to scramble to piece together a knowledgeable team, multiple platforms, a content generation strategy and how to put it all together and find the correct content and social platforms to post and share for maximum impact. Finally there is a platform that delivers a complete, simple and time efficient solution taking into consideration the interface of content shared from human to digital to human without a steep learning curve or costly barrier to entry.

The interview format is the simplest most time efficient way to generate the highest quality and most engaging content. With a time investment of less than an hour per month a busy executive can build, showcase and leverage their brand in the digital landscape with minimal or no staff.

To learn more about this exciting platform, information is available on URBNTRENDMEDIA.COM or INFO@URBNTRENDMEDIA.COM



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