URBN trendMEDIA platform shares your message and brand into multiple formats and distributes it on searchable platforms to enhance your brand and attract leads.


At the heart of URBNtrendMEDIA’s services is the Strategic Content Unit, called a SCU for short. Each SCU combines unique search engine optimized (SEO) #NewMedia including video, audio, images, and writing. This fresh original content is then posted to permanent high-traffic locations for longevity, syndicated across the web for greater access, and socially shared to drive exponential reach.

 Check out the following 6 exciting options!

Exponentially Grow the Reach of Your Branding Videos Podcasts and Blogs Through the URBN Platform

Content Extension

Upload your existing podcast or radio show to the URBNtrendMEDIA platform to expand your distribution. URBN extends your existing podcast reach and socially shares out your message and brand in multiple formats. URBN then distributes it on searchable platforms to enhance your brand and grow your listenership.

Get Interviewed on a UR Business Network Podcast and Share YOUR STORY & BRAND

Content Basic

Step into our URBNtrendMEDIA studio or remotely connect to be professionally interviewed to share your product and brand. The perfect introduction to content marketing with a few Social Extras thrown in.


Content Plus

Have a micro-podcast on URBNtrendMEDIA to build your brand, product and credibility as an expert establishing original quality content.


Content Premium

Professional podcast on the URBNtrendMEDIA platform grows your brand, credibility as an expert and ideal audience establishes original quality content and generates leads.


Content Advantage

Create more content with increased frequency which amplifies your brand, product, credibility as an expert, increases your ideal audience and your original quality content.


Content Max

Apply for a platform license and partner in a URBNtrendMEDIA studio to monetize your brand and product, credibility as an expert, ideal audience and your story.  Build an exciting, scalable business with multiple revenue streams.


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