Time for a little Q&A

What is trendMEDIA™?

trendMEDIA is a unique multi-layered process which communicates with other platforms to distribute content (podcasts, video, blogs, transcripts, text, mobile, images) and automatically formats the content to be shared simultaneously on all the major social media, search and content platforms seamlessly as online organic trends evolve.

How do I get found online?

Simply tell your story in an interview format and this powerful platform automatically does the rest. It captures and converts the interview into multiple digital formats including video, audio, images & text accessible from all devices. It automatically archives, posts and curates the content in multiple platforms and interacts through social networks to drive the right information to targeted audiences and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.

Why do I need content marketing?

Content marketing has the capacity to resonate more powerfully with your customers than traditional channels because it’s messaging is carefully honed to their needs and interests.  Your brand’s personality and offering are conveyed without being overtly promotional, this builds brand trust amongst your audience. Those who choose to ignore it will increasingly fall behind the competition.

Why is social media so important?

Social media is the best tool to connect and learn from your audience.  It can be used to drive targeted traffic, boost your SEO, leads to real relationship building and gives you a direct connection to your targeted (business) audience.

How much time is required to generate content?

Utilizing URBNtrendMEDIA, with a time investment of less than an hour per month, a busy executive can build, showcase and leverage their brand in the digital landscape with minimal or no staff.

What is a reasonable digital marketing budget?

According to Forrester Research, in 2016 30% of your marketing budget should be allocated to online. With URBNtrendMEDIA, no matter what your budget, we have a plan for you.

I have a website why do I need to market online?

You could build the nicest car in grandma’s attic and nobody knows it’s there.

Why do I need multiple formats?

This will maximize your reach.  People consume content at different times for different reason in different formats.

What's the difference between content marketing & pay per click?

If you’re looking to generate more traffic, quality leads, social shares and conversions over a long period of time PPC only nets quick leads in the beginning but does not have the staying power.

Who will see my content?

Interested parties who are actively looking for more information about your product or service / solution.

How do I target market online?

We target your audience and drive them to your site. Your website and content has to be relevant for them to stay. Relevant content leads to sales and/or action. You are communicating to your ideal customers/audience.

  1. Utilizing URBNtrendMEDIA is a very simple solution
  2. Our system targets who you want to do business with. We target that audience automatically for you through developing an overall strategy
  3. We ask you the client “What kinds of information is your audience looking for?”
  4. Define the targeted audience →Hyper local to worldwide demographic
  5. We interview you and gather all information to build content around your goals
  6. We convert that interview into content through trendMEDIA
  7. Then we provide the information (content) your audience is seeking and drive them to your website
  8. We build landing pages which match the offering your audience seeks.
  9. Enhanced by social media to drive your target audience
How did URBN trendMEDIA evolve?

URBN trendMEDIA evolved from a sponsored traditional online radio model to a single stream original content generation platform with an automated content distribution process as well as social media and lead generation capabilities.

What makes our site so powerful in offering global and targeted traction?

URBN’s media website has attained a traffic count of 5+ million on a monthly basis.  Our site achieved rank in the top 5000 spot out of a 150 million sites nationally, and is ranked in the 90,000 spot internationally out of 650 million sites globally. Site engagement averages 16.7 minutes and a drop or bounce rate of less than 23%.

What makes the URBN trendMEDIA platform unique?

Our platform provides a hybrid interactive and unique proposition as far as internet marketing goes.

A. You have access to a professional studio for you and/or your business to develop quality multimedia original content through a simple interview process.  This is a way to convey and capture your message at an affordable price point.

B. Organic story, interview content drives engagement. We leverage your story in video- audio- images & text.

C. Our platform draws direct shared traffic because of the large quantity of curated and posted content we have online. 8,000 plus pieces of relevant business which is linked, posted and curated content. You and/or your business benefit directly from this association.

How does the URBN trendMEDIA proprietary distribution platform work?

Your content distribution is defined by additional extended platform posting- not only do we post on our proprietary platform- we also post on most video platforms, audio platforms, images are used and text is leveraged both in blog, interest as well as straight transcript for content search engine relevance. We make content available to nearly 3.4 billion internet users globally. Realistically we only affect those in the active market for your product or service. (Imagine that we only reach those looking for you).

What does your ROI include?
  1. Personal brand

From personal brand of an individual building authority and content to becoming a paid public speaker of 5-k to 10-k.


2. Project or direct objective

As an example, through a crowdfunding effort to reach $50K for a project (music album) where out of 330 donors, 226 were tracked directly back through us. The goal was met with $53k in just 30 days.


3. Enterprise level promotion

As an example, we promoted a conference and outperformed the previous year’s revenue and attendance exponentially. URBN produced shared content for three months prior to the event, attended and covered the event, and drove higher profits in revenue from sponsors (SOLD OUT) and higher profits in attendance by 63% (close to 600).

How is Social Sharing powerful?

This is an added component of aggregating all of the social media and sharing into a spiderweb of ongoing topic engagement by virtual engagement and re-sharing of quality, organic, relevant information produced at URBN and shared on URBN trendMEDIA. On a monthly basis, we have in the 10’s of millions of aggregated social media interactions.

What does it mean you measure and report?

URBN’s tools allow us to track links, capture leads, and measure social sentiment to gain insight into what people are saying about your product, brand or service on the social sphere in real time. This affects the direction and opportunity to improve without having to re-create a whole campaign as in traditional media (Cost prohibitive).  (Remember Taco Bell’s Chihuahua campaign?  Sales went down for Taco Bell however Chihuahua sales skyrocketed).

How does the URBN trendMEDIA platform become a lead generation tool?

Quality, fresh, organic content builds online engagement and drives direct interest and clicks to your landing pages, blogs, sites and ultimately commitment of information exchange and social interactions. These are qualified, quality, engaged leads to enter your lead funnel to build and expand your client/customer base.


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